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big winner in latest Texas cancer research funding round

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded $26 million in new grants on Feb. 17 to institutions in three cities in the Lone Star State.

The big winner in this CPRIT funding round is the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, which has been awarded $14 million to recruit three new cancer scientists. The Bayou City institution is receiving $6 million to recruit Xiaodong Cheng from the Emory University School of Medicine and a similar amount to recruit Filippo G. Giancotti from Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. MD Anderson is also receiving $2 million to recruit Traver Hart from theUniversity of Toronto.FEATURED JOBSLeaderRaise Your Hand TexasSenior Software Project EngineerProserv Operations, Inc.Master Class Medical Instructor (Contract)The College of Health Care ProfessionsPost a JobSee More Jobs Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine has been awarded $4 million to recruit cancer researcher Bing Zhang from Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine.Austin is also cashing in on the CPRIT funding. The University of Texas has been awarded $6 million to recruit Daniel J. Leahy from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.In Dallas, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center will get $2 million from CPRIT to recruit Luke Gilbert from the University of California at San Francisco.Since its inception, CPRIT has awarded 110 recruitment grants totaling more than $334 million.

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